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We are so excited about the support we have received from the community here in Kelowna. We get so many visitors daily; people flocking to the shop to try our handcrafted flavours and it is simply amazing! Words cannot express our gratitude.

But lately we’ve been thinking, there are so many ways you can enjoy your gelato aside from just stopping by the shop. So, we’ve decided to list the Top 5 Best Ways you can Enjoy your QB Gelato!

White Chocolate, Cardamom and Raspberry Tart paired with Raisin & Cardamom Gelato

Perfect for pairing

Gelato or Sorbet is an excellent dessert course to follow almost any meal and perfect as part of a chef’s table menu. Recently our friends at Bella Wines hosted a charity dinner in support of Les Dames BC and they served our Bella Pink sorbet, which was a lovely finishing detail. Whether it’s at home, for an event, or in your local restaurant we can fulfill custom orders. We also love to collaborate and welcome inquiries from local chefs who would like to add our creations to their menus or collaborate with us on new flavour combinations.

• Update (April 2019): We are proud to present our Desserts on the following local restaurant menus:

Gelato to-go

Where oh where can your gelato go? Everywhere! Pick up some take out gelato and take it to the beach, pack it for a picnic or save it for a night of Netflix. We have grab & go ½ litre and 1 litre Thermo To Go containers. So, when you’ve got that late-night craving… why not have it on hand? The best part is you can fit upwards of three flavours in our take-out containers and the container will keep your gelato or sorbet at the perfect consistency for up to 45 minutes while out of the freezer.

Party time!

Birthdays, dinner parties, potluck gatherings! We have single serve jars available for pre-order (minimum 3-business day lead time) and you choose the flavour. Your guests are sure to be impressed with a nice touch like individual mason jars of gelato or sorbet.

Give the Gift… of Gelato

They say it’s better to give than to receive, and we’re sure you’ll feel great seeing the smile on someone’s face when you give them a QB Gift Card. GCs are great for any occasion, why not pick up a special welcome back gift for your favourite teacher?

Gelato-cation! Make your own Gelato or Sorbet

We’ve saved the best for last and we’re really excited because this is a big announcement! In the Fall, we will be conducting classes & workshops to give groups behind the scenes access to our process. Ever wonder how we do it? In these workshops, you will get hands on training and access to our kitchen to discover the art and science of gelato making.

Different courses will be available for various group sizes so stay tuned for more information.

So, there you have it! Of course, we would never discourage anyone from visiting the shop as we love our regulars but we just thought you should know there are so many more ways for you to get your gelato on. Now go forth and enjoy!

For special orders please contact us directly at (250) 861-6622 or hello@QBGelato.com

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