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It is hard to believe our second “Summer” in Kelowna is winding down and “Fall” is just around the corner. We have truly been blessed since moving to Kelowna and opening QB Gelato. Each day we meet amazing people from near and far who are inspired by what we do… and in return inspire us! Opening a small business has both its rewards and challenges and we are so grateful to have started our Entrepreneurship here in the Okanagan. From its inception, QB Gelato is about an EXPERIENCE, with the by-product being Gelato and other great food. We are excited for the future; continuing to develop our menu, getting to know our existing customers more personally, welcoming your network of family and friends, meeting those who have either heard about us or find us through Google, or from our awesome reviews. A special “Thank You” to all of you who have taken a moment to express your thoughts (reviews) about your experience at QB Gelato and our great team. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The 2018/19 Classes Have Commenced!

QB Gelato – Behind the Scenes

You’re invited to join Gelato Maestro Victor in QB’s kitchen! An intimate evening where we will share the history of gelato; the inspiration behind our flavours & ingredients; how gelato is made; and show you how to assist in the handcrafting of some gelato! We will finish with some practical examples of how to make gelato into a beautifully plated dessert. Enjoy a glass of wine and some gelato sampling through-out the evening. As our gift to you we’ll send you home with a ½ litre of gelato or sorbet.

Registration (click) is open!

QB Gelato ~ Join Us For Hand-Crafted Soup & Bread…

A cool weather must-have, there’s nothing like a warm nourishing bowl of soup to warm you up and make you feel all fuzzy inside. Our soups are hand-crafted in the QB kitchen using locally sourced vegetables and other healthy ingredients. Soup is the ultimate comfort food – its a welcome lift on Falls cooler days. Enjoy a ‘popover’ – a light, hollow bread roll made from an egg batter similar to that of Yorkshire pudding – the perfect accompaniment to your bowl of soup.

Enjoy our soup & bread Monday thru Friday 11am to 2pm – come and warm up with us.

Fall Flavours

There are soooooo many exciting seasonal ingredients available in the fall!! Prepare to have your taste buds tickled with some traditional and not-so traditional flavours. Here’s a quick sneak peak of a couple:

Apple Pie: Have you ever had gelato or ice cream you knew was a mix of chemicals and food additives with no trace of ‘real’ ingredients? We sure have and that is why Victor, Kevin and the team at QB Gelato are committed to using real, locally sourced ingredients. A perfect example are the beautiful Honey Crisp apples we picked up from Bella Rosa Orchards for our Apple Pie Gelato… a taste of the season.

Cereal Milk: Cereal Milk… Gelato! A modern spin on a timeless favourite. Reuniting old with the new and bringing back your fondest memories to help create new ones. Nostalgia in every bite… a bit of fun for early fall.⠀

Of course our flavours are always changing based on what local goodness we come across when selecting our ingredients, you never know what could be next so make sure to check out our Flavours page often where you can see what’s new and even submit your flavour suggestions!

3 Reasons To Enjoy Gelato Well Into Fall and Winter

We love gelato all year round… and we are quite sure we are not the only ones.

Kevin suggested 2 reasons to enjoy gelato during the colder months – No. 1: You don’t need a reason. No. 2: See Reason No. 1. Hard to argue – isn’t it? We hope you enjoy Gelato through-out the year and would love for you to post a picture on Instagram or FaceBook enjoying your cool treat and be sure to hashtag us at #enjoyqbgelato.

3 Reasons to enjoy Gelato well into Fall and Winter:

#1: A perfect accompaniment to warm desserts. Such as Apple Pie, Apple Crisp or for that matter any Crisp, Warm Pudding, an old fashioned Cobbler, Waffles – did anyone say “Gelato for breakfast?”, or a Tart Cherry Crumble… to name a few. All perfect with a scoop of your favourite Gelato.

#2: It is the ultimate comfort food. Bad day? … Gelato!

#3: No line-up at QB’s tasting bar – come-in and enjoy the experience of tasting and learning more about QB Gelato.

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