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A great article by M.T. Wroblewski posted on the SFGATE website.

They say that seeing is believing, and if you're standing in a gelato shop, you can clearly see that those rich, colorful folds look much denser than any ice cream you've ever seen. A taste test fortifies your suspicions: gelato is creamy, as you expected. It's also uncommonly thick, and the flavor practically ricochets off your tongue. Given all this, who could blame you for assuming you had better dial back the portion size you might normally order in an ice cream shop? In fact, while your palate doesn't lie, it can be fooled: gelato tends to be lower in fat, sugar and calories than ice cream.

If you're wondering whether you can afford to integrate gelato into your weekly diet, you'll want to find out how gelato compares to ice cream.

“Cousins” – but Different

Part of the treat in experiencing gelato is not only sampling it but also seeing how it's made. Many hometown gelato shop owners know this and make an engaging show of its production. They'll tell you that ice cream and gelato are “cousins”; the essential common ingredients are milk, sugar and cream.