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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

At QB Gelato, we ask ourselves the same question everyday. “What are the details we need to focus on in order to create the most unique and delicious offerings possible?”

We have studied the great achievers that have come before us and noticed a reoccurring trend. Michael Jordan, Pablo Picasso, J.K Rowling. These three individuals went on to accomplish amazing feats, but all faced severe adversity first. How did they become superlatives while their peers failed to excel?

They focused on the details of their craft and embraced their passions every single day.

What does Picasso Have to do with Gelato?

Everything that we do and stand for at QB Gelato, revolves around our passion and practices. When we set out to have a business structured around a classic Italian dessert, we didn’t want to simply offer another treat option in the Okanagan. We are on a mission to bring our customers the best gelato and sorbet available in the world, every single day.

Gelato is so much more than food to us. We treat our product as a delicate balance of local ingredients, that if prepared and combined properly, looks and tastes like art. Just like Picasso, we have focused on the details of our craft and realized that in order to create amazing things, you must give the utmost attention to every detail.

Kevin at Gelato University in Bologna, Italy

The Details of Gelato

At QB Gelato, we knew that we had been envisioning a potential gelato shop for years. The excitement stuck in our minds and wouldn’t give up, which resulted in us traveling to Italy to learn from the best. The crucial skills we developed from the artisanal masters of gelato are now used to craft our desserts every single day. Although we consider ourselves gelato artists, we are also scientists, experimenting with different ingredients and wild flavour combinations until we discover the components of an edible masterpiece.

We take note of how the acidity of one fruit effects another, just in the same manner that a painter may scrutinize colour choices on their palette. Does it taste better when we create a salted caramel beforehand, or should we finish a sorbet with a delicate sprinkling of sea salt crystals upon serving?

Simply put: Gelato and sorbet is our art, our passion and our way of life!

It All Starts with Local Ingredients

A sculpture cannot create a masterpiece without clay. A painter is lost without his brush and paint. At QB Gelato, the components that help us create mouth watering works of art are found right in our backyard. One of our favourite things about being located in the Okanagan Valley is the amazing produce and ingredients that are grown by our neighbours!

We have scoured the Valley to find the top growers, farmer and artisans, utilizing their products to create our gelato and sorbet. By obtaining our ingredients from our local area and community, we really feel that we have developed a deeper connection with the Okanagan and all the residents within it.

Our Amazing Suppliers

We wanted to introduce our customers to some of the local producers that are contributing to our gelato filled passions. Say hi to them on social media or stop into their locations the next time you are passing by!

D Dutchmen Dairy – located in the North area of the Okanagan in Sicamus, BC, this dairy was established in 1978 by the Dewitt Family. Today, it continues to be run by the family with a focus on old-fashioned, hand-made dairy products. The milk and cream are exceptional and QB Gelato is proud to use it in their gelato's and desserts. #ddutchmendairy

The Jammery – is one of our neighbours here in Kelowna. This jam-based business operates like the wineries of the Okanagan and allows their customers to view their on-site production area. They utilize more fresh, processed fruit than sugar, which is a rarity in the jam industry. They even have “no sugar” jams which are recognized by the Canadian Diabetic Association.

Be sure to check out their gift shop and enjoy some of their products in their restaurant. All you can eat waffles with whipped cream and their homemade four-berry sauce sounds like a good option to us!

Unearthed Fine Vegies & Herbs – certified organic farmers in Kelowna, BC, growing a large variety of veggies & herbs for local restaurants and the farmers market. Farmer Jordan is passionate about healthy soil and good food and it shows in his produce! He is the inspiration behind QB's Sweet Basil gelato - featured with @unearthedfarm basil (only available during the summer).

Arlo’s Honey Farm has much more to offer than just award winning honey! They are located on the east side of Kelowna and can provide a wide range of products including beeswax, propolis, fresh fruits, berries and vegetables (when in season). If you are a fan of honey, we recommend stopping by their location as they offer guided tours and also have a tasting bar! #arloshoneyfarm

Real Raw Food – believes that it is not enough for a food offering to be organic and that it should also be raw. They look to provide the freshest and tastiest raw foods that you can find, and don’t set their products at ridiculously high prices just because they are of higher quality. They offer the opportunity to buy your favourite raw foods at wholesale pricing. We source chocolate, coconut, nuts, seeds and other @realrawfood items from them. They are in Kelowna at Urban Harvest every 3rd Saturday. Worth checking out!

Canoe Coffee Roasters is a business full of high energy coffee enthusiasts and are another one of our Kelowna neighbours. Canoe started in 2015, on a home built roaster in a back yard shed in downtown Kelowna. Today, they have a gorgeous, relaxed, modern cafe and roasting room on Laurel Avenue. Dave was instrumental in helping QB perfect our Affogato, ensuring the roast was the best match against our selection of gelato's. He played a big role in helping Kevin become an aficionado on our Espresso machine ensuring the perfect pour! We are proud to be pouring #canoecoffeeroasters coffee.

All of these producers, just like the team at QB Gelato, believe that focusing on the small details separates the amazing from the average.


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