• Victor & Kevin


Written by Kent Molgat - KelownaNow

The skills are from Italy. The ingredients from close-by. While many of the treats we enjoy come in a wrapper, gelato tends to be made on site. And at QB Gelato, that means from scratch.

"It was probably the most incredible experience that I've ever had," said Victor Laderoute of his experience at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy. He and his partner, Kevin Bojda returned to Canada and opened their own Gelato shop - QB Gelato - in the Landmark District, where they stick to a commitment to make their diverse selection of gelato and sorbet from scratch. Bojda said the process is a big part of why people enjoy it so much "The ability to see into the kitchen," he said, "to see the gelato being made."

"I'm actually looking from the other side of the glass," said Laderoute. "And I can actually see them at the tasting bar, and their eyes light up!"