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LIKS Rewards program. Another great reason to enjoy QB Gelato & Café.

At QB Gelato & Café we believe everyone deserves to feel special and we do our best to create moments of discovery and joy in the delectable confections we create from scratch. We do our best to uphold a high standard of service and quality in everything we do for our customers and fans. From the time-honoured traditional gelato flavours to our meticulously crafted pairings there’s always something special to experience at QB Gelato & Café. And now there’s something more for you to enjoy about us…

Because we are so grateful for our loyal customers and fans, like you, who’ve been raving about us over the years, we decided we would start our own loyalty program to reward you –introducing LIKS Rewards. The name is an acronym for “Life Is Kinda Special” and it also sounds like “licks” which is the act of tasting a cone full of gelato. Get it?

Customers that sign up for our new loyalty program will have “LIKS” added to their account when they purchase from us either in-store or online. Every $5 spend will earn 1 LIKS. Earn enough LIKS and you will be able to redeem them for free QB Gelato & Café treats like coffee, gelato, desserts, bread, waffles, retail goodies, and even tickets to our QB Supper Club... which we think is kinda special!

Our hope is that you, our customer, know how much we appreciate you for making us your favourite gelato shop and we look forward to offering more variety to pair along side the favourites you’ve come to know and love.

Sign up today and start earning LIKS on your next purchase. By signing up you’ll also be in the know of news from around our shop and when opportunities to earn more LIKS arise.


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