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Written by Brandi Parnell for Mint Magazine

All story images by Ashley Godin Photography

“Pleasure is the object, duty and the goal of all rational creatures.”


Kevin Bojda and Victor Laderoute know the value of living life fully. Kindred spirits and passionate foodies, they appreciate the pleasure of homemade food, the influence of fresh, local ingredients and the art of making small batch, epicurean gelato; because sometimes life’s simplest pleasures bring the greatest joys.

Together they are QB Gelato, Kelowna’s newest dessert destination. Located in the Landmark District, Kevin and Victor have carefully thought out and brought to life the experience of sweet and satisfying, cool and refreshing, nostalgic and new, for locals and visitors alike.

“We want to unite people and create joyful moments through the simple enjoyment of great food.” Both Kevin and Victor studied the art and science of gelato making in Italy.

At a relatively young age, Victor was exposed to the very fascinating world of hospitality service. “It pulled me in and kept me wanting more. I learned quickly that attention to detail was required,” he says. “As time went on and I travelled my path, I witnessed experiences that forced a gasp, that made people feel special and that changed the way they looked at the world.” Those emotions that make situations memorable became the backdrop for their business concept.

After many months of planning, studying and executing with meticulous attention to detail, they built a jaw dropping, artisan gelato experience unlike any other. “We want to engage with our customers and share our knowledge of gelato. We want to hear them discover different ingredients and know how it makes them feel,” says Kevin.

With open hearts and small stainless steel spoons ready for trying, the staff at QB Gelato is ready to discuss the menu board and offer you a taste of whatever speaks to you. QB Gelato or Quanto Basta means ‘as much as you need – no more, no less’ in Italian. To Kevin and Victor, QB Gelato is a place where gourmet treats meet pure contentment.

“We want our customers to try any flavour they wish,” says Victor. “We love hearing their feedback and getting them to try something new, to step out of their comfort zone. We’re all about the simple enjoyment of great food, with fresh and natural ingredients.

Every batch of QB Gelato is made from scratch with fresh, local goodness. They have weekly feature flavours, dairy-free sorbet and support local farmers. Their menu bar includes something to satisfy every craving from decadent Salted Caramel to PB & J made with homemade Jammery jelly. They serve up Carrot Cake in a cup like grandma made and a fan favourite is their Holy Cacao made with cacao from Real Raw Food on the Naramata Bench.

Fellow foodies are sure to appreciate Mascarpone & Peaches, Orange Blossom or an after dinner scoop of Café au Lait. Whether you’re in the mood for tart, fruity or rich and creamy, hand over your taste buds for a truly authentic trip.

“We want to help people to slow down, even for a short amount of time. We want the QB Gelato experience to be fun, shared amongst family and friends, and to be memorable,” says Victor. “We’re all about the simple enjoyment of great food, with fresh and natural ingredients. Because life is good, and it should be enjoyed.”
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