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Our Story

Who is QB Gelato?

We are a family owned and operated business, born out of a passion for the classic artistry of this time honored Italian dessert. Hand-crafted daily in our kitchen in small batches, we use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients (where possible), and never use artificial colors, artificial flavours or preservatives.

As our gelato and sorbetto is made fresh daily without the use of preservatives, it has a maximum shelf life of 72 hours, to ensure the freshest, creamiest and most delicious product possible.

We believe in creating a high quality product, and serving it in a fun and engaging environment, while being committed to being good stewards of the environment, and actively engaged in the communities we operate in.

So… what does QB mean? Quanto Basta – the Italian interpretation is ‘as much as you need. No more, no less’.

Why does QB Gelato get up in the morning?

To bring people together and create joyful moments through the simple enjoyment of great food.

Our journey has been years in the making; owners Kevin and Victor have dreamed about creating a unique gelato shop for a long time and now – it’s a reality! Both Kevin and Victor studied the art and science of Gelato in Italy – what better way to spend your time in Italy than indulging in the countries passion of artisan gelato. With a dedication for food, quality local produce and customer service – QB Gelato is excited to open its doors to both the locals and tourists of the Okanagan Valley!

By creating a unique dessert experience using a mix of classic and innovative recipes, the finest local ingredients and time-honoured techniques, QB Gelato hand-crafts an unmatched, quality gelato, served with uncompromising customer service.


The best available local ingredients combined with authentic, handcrafted production – all with an uncompromising attitude to quality.


Mixing the tradition and history of Italian gelato with a modern view on ingredients, flavours, and service.


A desire to draw from, and contribute towards, the local area and community –from sourcing/supporting local to fostering a genuine connection with our customers.


At QB Gelato, we use the traditional Italian way of displaying gelato – “pozzetti’s”. These stainless steel cylindrical containers are set inside a refrigerated counter and covered with lids.

Why use a Pozzetti unit vs a visual display case? When exposed to air, light and temperature fluctuations, gelato begins to oxidize thus loosing it’s flavor and freshness immediately. The pozzetti is the “key” to preserving gelato, keeping it in the best possible state; maximizing freshness & taste.

At QB Gelato this is particularly important to us as we use high quality natural ingredients to produce memorable flavors. In addition, we feel pozzetti’s better maintain the soft, smooth and velvety texture of our gelato.