Did you know... only 2% of Gelato shops in the world make their gelato from SCRATCH? It's true! Most shops combine pre-made ingredients from manufacturers.


QB Gelato & Café made the decision early on to offer only the most authentic Gelato experience possible. This brought owners Victor Laderoute and Kevin Bojda to Italy, where they learned how to use real, raw, fresh ingredients to create unique flavours that will tantalize your taste buds. The pair opened their shop in the heart of the Okanagan in 2017; to take advantage of all the incredible local ingredients – from fresh milk to a plethora of herbs, berries, fruit, nuts and wine.  The pair have won the hearts (and tastebuds) of the City of Kelowna winning Best Of Kelowna in the Gelato category three years running.


Together they have extended their passion for food and drink to produce a selection of mouth-watering desserts and pastries – all of which match with their gelato. The menu always astounds as do the pairings. Besides being the go-to gelato and dessert shop, they offer delicious coffee, cooking classes and host a Supper Club on select nights throughout the year. This style of dining experience is perfect for a growing community as it promotes meeting new people with similar interests. Gelato, desserts, supper clubs, and tastings: QB Gelato & Café has it all.

Kevin + Victor

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A New Culinary Experience

When you look at what QB has on offer - whether it’s gelato, sorbet, dessert, or the bakery treats on the counter - what we want you to see are recipes created by us, made-from-scratch, with real ingredients.


We chose the Okanagan for its bounty - from the dairy (D Dutchmen Dairy) to the farms and orchards to the unique suppliers of raw ingredients (Real Raw Foods on the Naramata Bench). QB strongly believes that if you just put in a lot of average you are just going to get average.

But, put in a lot of something that’s really good, you are going to get great!

Fresh, Local, Hand-crafted Ingredients

We never, ever use pre-made bases or mass-produced flavour pastes. QB is obsessed with the quality of the ingredients we use in our food. So much so that we make our own peanut and pistachio pastes - not only for our gelato’s but also for our desserts.


"Hands down, the very best gelato!" 🍦

"Hands down, the very best gelato (ice cream) in Kelowna! Made from scratch right there! Unique and interesting flavours - perfect to experiment with combining/layering together. Ask for their recommendations! I can't recommend them enough."


- M. Morley

Join the Club


Dinner at QB Gelato? Are they not a Gelato shop!?

We love food as much as we love gelato. Meals aren’t about trends, shock value, or opulence. We believe meals are about moments, memories and those who surround you at your table.


Our sold-out Sparkle dinner in December, an event that featured seven exquisite courses paired with our gelatos and Summerhill wine, is the inspiration for QB Supper Club.

The QB kitchen team along with a local winery collaborate to create a five course dinner menu; each course carefully crafted to stimulate all your senses. Ten (10) guests will congregate at our communal long table to ENJOY an array of dishes paired with a savoury gelato or sorbet and a wine or cocktail artfully created to harmonize the flavours of each dish.


This dinner is the magic of perfect food and beverage pairings!

 Come join the Club!



Want to find out what happens Behind the Scenes at QB Gelato?

Book a 'Behind the Scenes'  class and join us to find out what it takes to make Gelato the QB way.

Interested in honing your Dessert making skills? Victor is now teaching a monthly class on Desserts at Start Fresh Kitchen. Join him on a Monday evening and get your sweet on!




Can I pre-order Take-out?

Yes. Click on the following link to access our on-line store: You will find items we have available for pre-order AND take-out. http://shop.qbgelato.com/ Items ordered Saturday (after 1pm) and on Monday will be available for pick-up on Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm. Items ordered Tuesday thru Saturday before 1pm will be available for pick-up 2pm to 5pm. Orders placed after 1pm (Tue thru Sat) will be available the following day.

What precautions are you taking regarding COVID-19?

We have placed some specific precautions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic: • We strongly prefer that you pay in advance and order on-line to minimize contact at the pick-up location. • We will be doing 'no-contact' pick-up for those who wish to remain in their vehicle by having you call us at the shop (250-861-6622) upon arrival at which point we will bring your items to the curb side where once we have left the area you can come out of your vehicle and pick-up. • We will be maintaining 2 metres distance from customers, and asking customers to also maintain this same distance from one another. Please be aware of other customers who may be at QB before you and refrain from entering QB until they have departed and a staff member has had the opportunity to disinfect door handles. • As standard practices at QB Gelato & Café we continue to be vigilent in hand-washing, regular disinfecting of all surfaces, etc. We kindly ask, if you are not well please do not come into the store - call us, and we can make arrangements to deliver your order. If any staff at QB Gelato & Café suspect a customer to not be well - you will be kindly asked to leave the shop and we will process your order outside. The safety of our staff and the community at large is of upmost importance. We continue to evulate our opening hours. Please be sure to check Google or our website at www.qbgelato.com for updated hours.

Where can I find out what gelato or sorbet flavours you currently have available?

You can find our current flavours by clicking the following link: www.qbgelato.com/shop. Flavours change throughout the day so we cannot guarantee availability of all flavours listed. You can call to confirm if a particular flavour is still available or sold-out. We can also provide a time-frame as to when the sold-out flavour will be available again.